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Elevating the Experience

Designed and developed an e-commerce website to represent the character of the brand. Figma was used to produce a site where the clients customers were welcomed with a bold and sleek design.


When looking at defining the problem, sometimes it is not that there is a problem to define, but rather an opportunity. In this case, there is the opportunity to further establish the brand, through the provision of a website. As an e-commerce site, it was important to convey the tone of the brand, whilst pushing the products sold by the brand. In the case of Beard Surgeon, it was important to understand the owner, to understand how she saw the brand and what she wanted to convey to customers.


For this reason, interviews were conducted with the owner to explore the vision of the brand, and create a basis to develop a worthwhile website. It also allowed for the client to provide suggestions, and give feedback to allow for a design, that best suited her. The final wireframes consisted of multiple pages and ensured that all aspects of the brand were shown.


Seamless User Experience

Introducing the mockups for a visual representation of our vision for a sleek and modern e-commerce platform. Delve into these designs to see how we've seamlessly integrated Beard Surgeon's unique branding and vibrant pieces, paving the way for an enhanced user experience.

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