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FELIE's mission is to intertwine the essence of its brand and its diverse and vibrant product collection into a digital realm that’s both captivating and user-friendly. When embarking on this design journey, particular emphasis was placed on ensuring the brand's unique identity was front and center.


FELIE is a UK led interior design site. The purpose of the e-commerce website was to create a site that would not only represent the brand and the culture, but also showcase their vibrant pieces. Importance was placed on the branding to perceive a sleek and modern look.


The color palette and typography were meticulously chosen, reflecting FELIE's commitment to sophistication and modernity. These branding elements set the stage for the website's overall design. As you delve deeper into the mockups, you'll notice that the sleek and contemporary aesthetic seamlessly translates across every page, creating an immersive shopping experience.


Seamless User Experience

Let me present the mockups for FELIE. These designs encapsulate FELIE's modern and sleek ethos, blending branding with user experience. Each detail, from colors to typography, has been meticulously chosen to enhance the shopping journey. Explore these mockups to visualize FELIE's upcoming immersive e-commerce experience.

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