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Oystr is a mobile application designed to make experience discovery easy and intuitive. With Oystr, users can effortlessly find new places to go and discover new activities to try.


Oystr is a mobile application that aims to solve the problem of discovering new experiences for users. The goal of the app is to make it easy for people to find new places to go and things to do. As a UX designer, I was tasked with creating a user-centered design for Oystr that would provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for users.


For the Oystr project, I interviewed potential users and found they desired personalized, unique experiences with easy app navigation and trustworthy reviews. Quantitative data highlighted the importance of reliable feedback. Leveraging these insights, I focused Oystr's design on personalization, curated offerings, and verified reviews. After iterative testing, I finalized a modern, user-friendly UI complemented by a comprehensive style guide.


Seamless User Experience

Now, let's dive into the visual realization of these findings. I'm excited to present the mockups that encapsulate our research and design strategy. These mockups provide a tangible look into the Oystr user experience, merging user needs with an intuitive design. Please take a moment to explore them and visualize the journey Oystr users will embark upon.

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