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noun: Unitron is a leading provider of hearing aids and related technologies. They are committed to helping people with hearing loss regain their confidence and improve their quality of life through innovative and personalized solutions.

Role // UX Strategy; Wireframing; Content Design

Year // 2022

The ask.

The scope 

Unitron is a leading hearing aid provider and a subsidiary of the global healthcare company, Sonova. With a mission to make life better for people with hearing loss, Unitron is committed to developing innovative hearing solutions that provide better hearing experiences for its customers. As a Sonova brand, Unitron leverages the expertise and resources of a global leader in the hearing industry to deliver cutting-edge technology and best-in-class customer service. The company's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has earned it a reputation as a trusted provider of hearing solutions around the world.

Content Structure

As the UX designer for the Unitron website redesign project, my primary responsibility was to create wireframes for various pages of the website, including the homepage, product pages, platform technology pages, experience innovation pages, and contact page. I closely collaborated with the stakeholders to understand their needs and requirements and developed wireframes that addressed their concerns.


In particular, I focused on creating a user-friendly and intuitive design that would make it easy for users to find the information they need about Unitron's products and services. I leveraged my understanding of the company's products and services to design wireframes that highlighted their key features and benefits.

The homepage wireframe was designed to provide users with a clear and concise overview of Unitron's products and services. The homepage included a prominent hero section that showcased the latest products and promotions, followed by a menu structure that allowed users to easily navigate to other sections of the website. Below the menu, I included sections that highlighted Unitron's key features and benefits, as well as a section for customer reviews and testimonials.

Navigation and Site Maps

As part of the content workshops and wireframing process, we also focused on the navigation and site map of the website. Through the content workshops, we identified the most important information that should be included on the website and how it should be grouped together.


This information was then used to develop the site map and information architecture for the website.We worked together to define the top-level categories and how they would be organised to create a clear and intuitive structure for users.

We presented Jato with three different navigational options. The first focused on the needs and interests of the users, the second focused on the specific problem Jato's product could solve, and the third focused on Jato's expertise in the field.

After careful consideration and discussion, we collectively decided to go with the third option, as it allowed for a clear and effective presentation of Jato's expertise in the market. 

The end result was a clear and intuitive navigation structure that made it easy for users to find the information they were looking for.


The site map and information architecture were tailored to meet the needs of Jato's target audience, ensuring that the website was user-friendly and effective in communicating the value of their product.

In conclusion, as the UX designer for the Unitron website redesign project, my focus was on creating wireframes and improving the content structure to enhance the user experience. By collaborating with the stakeholders, I was able to create a user-friendly design that highlighted the key features and benefits of the company's products and services. The mid-fidelity wireframes provided a solid foundation for the UI designer to create a modern and aesthetically pleasing design that was mobile-responsive and provided an optimal user experience. The improved content structure ensured that users could easily find the information they needed, ultimately leading to increased engagement and conversion rates. Overall, the redesign was a success, and I am proud to have contributed to creating a website that provides a seamless experience for Unitron's customers.


For the product pages wireframes, I aimed to simplify the information by breaking it down into smaller, more digestible sections. I used a tabbed interface to organize the product details, making it easy for users to access the information they need. Each tab highlighted a specific feature of the product, along with an image and a brief description. I also included a section for customer reviews and ratings, which helped users make informed purchasing decisions.

The platform technology pages wireframes focused on showcasing the technology behind Unitron's products. These pages included detailed descriptions of the technology, along with images and diagrams to help users understand how the technology works. I used a simple and clean layout to ensure that the information was easy to understand and digest.

The experience innovation pages wireframes were designed to highlight the unique features of Unitron's products. These pages included interactive elements such as videos, animations, and 3D models to help users experience the products in a more immersive way. I also included detailed descriptions of the features, along with images and diagrams to help users understand how they work.

Finally, the contact page wireframe was designed to be straightforward and easy to use. The contact form included fields for users to input their name, email address, and message, along with the company's contact information.


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